Evil Ernie (Eternity)

    (Eternity, 1991-1992)
™ and ©1992 Brian Pulido

Ernie Fairchild was born with low-level telepathic abilities, and was able to read the thoughts of those around him. He felt different from the other kids, and became shy as a result. This frustrated his domineering father, who took to abusing him horribly. Eventually, his parents took him to see Dr. Leonard Price, who tried an experimental “dream probe” to modify his behavior. Instead, it connected Ernie to the Endless Graveyard, home of the beautiful Lady Death. She promised to love Ernie if he would take up a quest to destroy all life on Earth.

Ernie went on a rampage, killing 35 people, including his parents. He was then incarcerated in Clearview Mental Institution where Dr. Mary Young tried another experimental cure. This time, Ernie was killed—and turned into an all-powerful zombie determined to bring on Megadeath: the destruction of everything that lives!
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#1 Limited Edition
June, 1992
Cover Price: $2.95
2 copies available from $399.95
Brian Pulido, Phil NutmanSteven Hughes

Cover Price: $2.50
1 copy available for $47.00
Brian Pulido, Phil NutmanSteven Hughes