Batman: Full Circle

    (DC, 1991)
™ and ©1991 DC Comics, Inc.

Once upon a time, a petty stick-up man named Joe Chill robbed Bruce Wayne’s parents on their way out of a theatre. The robbery ended in tragedy, with Chill shooting both of Bruce’s parents to death. The bitterness over their murder was what led Bruce to become the Batman.

Years later, Batman tracked down Chill and held a gun to his head. He might even have pulled the trigger then had not a costume-clad killer named Reaper appeared and shot Chill first. Later, Batman would battle the Reaper, and watch as he fell forty stories to his apparent death. With that, Bruce Wayne had thought a chapter of his life forever closed.

But unknown to the two costumed characters, Joe Chill’s murder had been observed by an unseen party—a person who now has donned the costume of the Reaper in order to gain a very personal revenge upon Batman.

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