99 Days

    (Vertigo, 2011)
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99 DAYS is the story of Antoine Boshoso Davis, who is living the dream as a rookie homicide detective for the LAPD. But 12 years ago he was living a nightmare. As a young Hutu in Rwanda, Antoine was forced to become a child soldier with the rebel Hutu militia.

Like so many others he was caught up in the slaughter of a country gone insane - murdering scores of men, women and children with a machete. Antoine fled Rwanda for LA, where he grew into a quiet, sensitive man with a deep need for justice - so he joined the LAPD. But when a serial killer starts stalking the African-American residents of LA - murdering them with a machete - Antoine discovers that his past has come back to haunt him.
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#1 Hardcover
January, 2002
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Matteo CasaliKristian Donaldson