Batman: Scottish Connection

    (DC, 1998)
™ and ©1998 DC Comics

Six hundred years ago, a distant relative of Bruce Wayne evicted a clan of tenant farmers in Scotland and forced them to emigrate to America. A month into the voyage the plague struck, and when the ship arrived on the New England shore, only one bitter survivor remained to swear revenge on the offspring of his aristocratic landlord.

Now Bruce Wayne is visiting the craggy Scottish landscape for a family reunion and becomes involved in the centuries-old vendetta. The desire for vengeance has taken on supernatural aspects with the secret of an ancient parchment, created by the Knights Templar, capable of transforming ordinary men into deadly assassins.

The strong characterization of Bruce Wayne, and the comic relief of Alfred, coupled with clean linework by artist, Frank Quitely (who convincingly portrays the majestic scenery of Scotland), make this book stand out among the myriad of Batman titles.

— George Haberberger

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