Fear Itself: Fellowship of Fear

    (Marvel, 2011)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

(from the publisher)

A companion to FEAR ITSELF, bringing you up to speed on all things frightening! Handbook profiles for characters that thrive on fear (Dreamqueen! Fear-Eaters! Fear-Lords! The Darkforce Dimension’s Predator! Shock/Ariel Trennmore! The Golden Age’s Dr. Fear!), events that have terrified (Chaos War! The Gauntlet! Second Coming! Kang Dynasty! Shadowland!) and one of the main architects of FEAR ITSELF: Sin/Red Skull! Also featuring a map tracing recent events that have terrified Marvel’s denizens and mini-profiles providing the basics on the six characters chosen as hammer wielders!

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  Jeff Christiansen, Mike O’Sullivan, Stuart Vandal, Rob London, Madison Carter, Markus Raymond, Kevin Garcia, Ronald Byrd, Patrick RyallMark Bagley, Lelio Bonaccorso, Olivier Coipel, Alan Davis, Mike Deodato Jr., Marko Djurdjevic, Kieron Dwyer, Scot Eaton, Neil Edwards, Steve Epting, Salvador Espin, David Finch, Ron Garney, Michael Golden, Stuart Immonen, Phil Jimenez, Dale Keown, Salvador Larroca, Mike Mayhew, Mike McKone, Steve McNiven, Paco Medina, Mike Norton, Jerry Ordway, Carlos Pacheco, Keith Pollard, Joe Quesada, Frank Quitely, John Romita Jr., Juan Santacruz, Marc Silvestri, Walt Simonson, Ron Wilson, Leinil Francis Yu, Mike Zeck