Barbarossa & The Lost Corsairs

    (Kandora, 2005)
™ and © Kandora

It’s hard to be a beautiful Countess—you never know when a band of adventurous pirates is going to show up and abduct you. In the case of the bored Countess Julia of Fondi, however, those pirates can’t come soon enough. Julia’s desire for adventure and excitement is met when the pirate Barbarossa climbs in her window, but even she might find more than she bargained for when their first adventure takes them into a mysterious storm, an exceedingly strange land, and a place of monsters and possible death. Perhaps boredom isn’t so bad after all.

This fast-paced and fun-filled adventure mixes humor and romance with over-the-top action. Brian Augustyn and H.S. Park give readers little chance to catch their breath before throwing more mayhem and monsters onto the page.

— Andy Richardson

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