Arik Khan (A+)

    (A+, 1998)
™ and ©1977 Frank Reyes

With story and art by Filipino great Frank Reyes, each mesmerizing page turn immerses the reader in this tale of sword and sorcery. Reyes’ stunning pencils resemble the artistic styling of Barry Windsor Smith’s Conan and the majesty of Gene Colan’s Tomb of Dracula. Exquisite layouts and detail adorn every page, conveying the magic and brutality of this ancient world as photographed, and Reyes’ mastery of black-and-white contrasts and shading are a rare treat for a relatively modern title.

The story chronicles the story of warrior Arik Khan, the lone son of Turgha Khan. Turgha Khan, in turn, is the warrior king of Phagbilau, the last remaining kingdom of light in a world growing with darkness. Driven by the memory of his mother whom he could not save, as long as he can hold his sword, Arik Khan has vowed to bring death to evil forces.

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 Reprint from Arik Khan (Andromeda) #1; B&WFrank Reyes, Ogden WhitneyFrank Reyes, Ogden Whitney


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  Frank ReyesFrank Reyes