Gifts of the Night

    (Vertigo, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Paul Chadwick and John Bolton

It is the time of medieval kingdoms in Europe. Reyes is the tutor of Prince Magdin, the innocent, simple, slow-witted son of the king. Reyes himself has no political ambition, content to pass his time among the texts of the library, absorbing the wisdom of ancient scholars. He sees his role as the Prince’s teacher as an obligatory—if futile task—since someone so mentally challenged will not be allowed to inherit the throne.

But when a difficult military impasse is solved by the prince’s description of a story from history, (related as a vision, but actually told to him by Reyes), Prince Magdin earns some appreciation from his father. Consequently Reyes, as Magdin’s tutor is elevated to a position of power he finds uncomfortable…at least initially.

This thoughtful, moving story is written by Paul Chadwick, (renowned as the creator of Concrete) and painted by John Bolton.

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