(Revolutionary, 1990)
™ and © Infinite One, dba Revolutionary Comics

Revolutionary Comics are probably best known for their Rock N’ Roll Comics, featuring unauthorized biographies of music celebrities, and the graphic violence of Tipper Gore’s Comics And Stories. But in the tradition of the long-running Mad Magazine, this comic was devoted, however tastelessly, to comedy and satire. Unlike that title, however, Barf only lasted for three issues. But in that short run, Todd Loren and company managed to spoof everything and everyone from the Rocky Horror Picture Show to David Letterman to the X-Men. They even spoofed another satire magazine, National Lampoon.

The comic also featured several recurring strips, like Ace Backwards’ Twisted Image and Stan Back. Plans for later issues, which unfortunately never appeared, included work from Dennis Worden, the creator of Stickboy, and the crew from Imagi-Mation Magazine.

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 B&WHerb Shapiro, Todd LorenScott Jackson, Terri S. Wood, Larry Nadolsky, Tom Luth


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 B&WTodd Loren, Duane Dimock, Ace Backwords, Herb Shapiro, Randall Paske, Jason HechtKen Landgraf, Ace Backwords, Bill Holloway, Lyndal Ferguson, Teri S. Wood, Mitch Waxman, Randall Paske, Larry Nadolsky


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