The Big Book of Vice

    (Paradox, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Paradox Press

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex and gambling: all the things that make life worthwhile. No, wait! That’s not true! Those are the things that prey on man’s lack of moral integrity. Well, that’s not quite right either. Actually, most diversions can be destructive if pursued with a reckless enthusiasm. When that occurs, these diversions become vices and a suitable subject for the latest in the Big Book series from Paradox Press.

The human inclination to alter perception is aptly examined in chapters dealing with alcohol and drugs. Once thought to be harmless, the chapter on the history of tobacco reveals its insidious nature. And although it is a biological imperative, sex can be a vice when it is non-consensual.

Steve Vance, (The Big Book of Bad), and an eclectic collection of comic artists examine human frailties that range from sexual slavery to pinball machines in this intriguing look at vice.

— George Haberberger

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Anthology; B&WDave Stern, Steve VanceAlan Kupperberg, Alwyn Talbot, Bob Fingerman, Dan Spiegle, Deryl Skelton, Ivan Brunetti, Lennie, Rick Geary, Tom Sutton