Beast & Feast

    (Digital Manga, 2012)
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Detective Kazuha has landed a murder case that brings him back into contact with a man who once attended junior high with him. Back then, their relationship was like oil and water, and it certainly seems to be the case now as well: while Kazuha is a police detective, Hyoudou is a member of one of the notorious yakuza groups. Hyoudou claims to be willing to bargain for some very important information pertaining to Kazuha’s case. His price is unacceptable, however. Demanding Kazuha himself as payment, the refusal given seems to not be an option he will accept. Now, not only after a cold blooded killer, Kazuha finds he is being stalked by his very own beast of a different sort...Will he catch the killer and come out with his own heart, body and soul intact?

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  Norikazu AkiraNorikazu Akira