Beyond the Fringe

    (WildStorm, 2012)
™ and © WildStorm, an imprint of DC Comics

(from the publisher)

From the mind of FRINGE star Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop), jump BEYOND THE FRINGE with this never before collected story previous only available online! In this, his first comics writing gig, Jackson explores key events that take place between seasons three and four of the show. The stakes are high as Peter undertakes a desperate, time-traveling adventure that Walter believes might save the world.

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 Joshua JacksonJorge Jimenez

Special Edition #1

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Redone cover; No price on cover; Reprints Beyond the Fringe #1; Indicia lists title as Beyond the Fringe #1—Special Issue; Insert with purchase of DVD Season 4; Giveaway; Mini-comic sizeJoshua JacksonJorge Jimenez