(DC, 2003)
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Issues #1, 3 are JLA/Avengers

You think most people would be burned out on all the cross-company crossovers over the past few decades with their typically tedious, “Earth in each parallel universe is in danger and only the combined efforts of their heroes, after the obligatory good guy battles, can save the planet,” plots. Thankfully, in the case of this DC/Marvel crossover, Kurt Busiek (Astro City) was brought in, and he makes it work.

The Grandmaster and Krona play for the secrets of the beginning of time and this time their game pieces are made up of the Avengers and the JLA. Both the Avengers and the Justice League of America have been around since the 1960s and have continued to evolve with new members and new incarnations on an almost regular basis. Fans of both teams will be at home here, as the time lines ripple and coulda-woulda-shoulda of past team members pop up faster than new versions of Pokémon. This four part series gives readers an excellent discussion of the philosophies of both universes- one where heroes are sometimes feared and hated because they are different and one where heroes are honored and respected by most everyone.

— Ron Black

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 Origin of Krona; Origin of Krona retold; Story continues in Avengers/JLA #3; Story continued from Avengers/JLA #1; Prestige Format; JLA vs. Avengers; Batman & Captain America team to find answers on The Grandmaster while the two teams gather artifacts of power from both universes; Krona summons Galactus and Grandmaster steals the power of the artifacts for himself; Thor vs. Superman; Captain America vs. BatmanKurt BusiekGeorge Pérez


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 Versus Krona; Story continued from Avengers/JLA #3; Prestige FormatKurt BusiekGeorge Pérez