(AC, 1995)
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Crimebuster is a seemingly ageless hero whose memories date back to World War II. Throughout his career, his arch-enemy has been the villainous Iron Jaw, the kingpin of crime. Iron Jaw is responsible for the murders of both of Crimebuster’s parents as well as his foster-father Loover, an ex-cop who instilled most of Crimebuster’s morals. Now it seems Iron Jaw is back again—and Crimebuster must stop him.

Crimebuster was created by Charles Biro (Crime Does not Pay) for the first issue of Boy Comics. Golden Age fan Bill Black brought the character to the modern era in this one-shot published in 1995.

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 Summer 1995; B&WBill BlackBill Black, Brad Gorby, Chris Allan, Eric Coile, Mark Heike, Richard Rome