DCU Villains Secret Files

    (DC, 1999)
™ and © DC Comics

The immortal Vandal Savage is about to make his move: he’s almost ready to take down the Justice League of America and their allies, but before he can do that, he needs to gather a force to oppose the heroes of the DC Universe. But who’s right for the job? The Ravens? Mr. Mind? Mawzir? The Star Conqueror? The Body Doubles? That’s why Savage has hired the Word, a mute spy – the best there is at what he does – whose words and actions appear in writing on his body; he has been charged with the task of collecting information on some of the world’s most hardened criminals. Will this intelligence be of any use to Savage? Find out in this 1999 one-shot that also features profile pages on Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.’s Shiv, the Martian Manhunter’s Malefic, DC One Million’s Solaris, and Underworld Unleashed’s Neron.
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April, 1999
Cover Price: $4.95
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Dan Curtis Johnson, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Alan Grant, Chuck Dixon, John Ostrander, Eliot Brown, Erik Doescher, Scott Beatty, Geoff JohnsEric Canete, Phil Winslade, Joe Phillips, Ariel Olivetti, Jason Orfalas, Tom Mandrake, Eliot Brown, Erik Doescher, Val Semeiks, Barry Kitson, Lee Moder, Derec Aucoin, John McCrea, Dusty Abell, Rags Morales, Norm Breyfogle, Peter Krause, Anthony Williams, J.H. Williams III