X-Men: Survival Guide to the Mansion

    (Marvel, 1993)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

Like the late, lamented Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe and Who’s Who in the DC Universe, the guide to the X-mansion is a sort of bookshelf item for die-hard fans and trivia maniacs. Although packed with information on the team’s headquarters, including the “danger room” and “Black Bird” launch facility, the tome has little information or portraits of the characters themselves. Fans on the lookout for a die-cut Rogue or Storm centerfold should be warned that this contains nothing in that way.

Nevertheless, like all of Elliot Brown’s work (who practically did the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe single-handedly), the Survival Guide is relentlessly accurate (at least as is possible in the ever-changing X-Men landscape) and detailed.

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Spiral Bound

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 SpiralboundScott LobdellRichard Bennett, Eliot Brown, Michael Golden, Henry Flint, Whilce Portacio, Greg Capullo, Brandon Peterson, Steve Alexandrov