Balkan Comics: Women On the Fringe

    (Mark Batty, 2012)
™ and © Mark Batty

(from the publisher)

Gathering together the work of close to twenty contemporary Balkan women, Balkan Comics: Women on the Fringe introduces the English-speaking world to some of the world’s finest, and least known, comics artists. Featured artists include Helena Klakocar Vuksic, whom Marjane Satrapi cited as an influence in the creation of Persepolis; Nina Bunjevac, who has a cult following in Canada and the United States; and Irena Jukic Pranjic, whose comics and animated features and have multiple awards in Croatia and Europe. They, and the rest of the women in this book, create sparsely executed, edgy work unflinchingly depicts what it is to live as a woman in the Balkans now.

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#1 Hardcover

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  Helena Klakocar Vuksic, Nina Bunjevac, Irena Jukic PranjicHelena Klakocar Vuksic, Nina Bunjevac, Irena Jukic Pranjic