Ashes (Damage)

    (Damage, 2005)
™ and © Damage

What would you do if you were a reluctant vampire? Probably face problems similar to Ash’s. Ash is that vampire whose disgusted by the thought of drinking blood, but needs that blood in order to survive. He’s constantly on the prowl for a new victim, but when he finds that person, goes through the whole gamut of emotions regarding fate, and ends up constantly being pursued for murder and other crimes. Intriguing stuff.

— Mark Arnold

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  Gerald SanchezLionel Ordaz


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  Gerald SanchezLionel Ordaz

Ashcan #1

3 copies available from $2.75
 Indicia reads: Damage Book One: AshesGerald SanchezLionel Ordaz, Sengkry Chhour