All-Thrill Comics

    (Mansion, 1998)
™ and ©1998 David Watkins and Mansion Comics

At first glance, this is a fairly familiar tale of a hardboiled detective from the Sam Spade school of private investigators. P.I. Brick Stone, however, is not your stereotypical detective. Stone has a secret, one that helps him both do his job and extricate himself from tight spots…and one which might end his career if discovered. Saying more would spoil it; suffice to say that it’s a secret which moves this tale from standard to something very different.

Aside from the twist, though, the stories are classic detective fiction. In one issue, a stool pigeon has been murdered, and it would be easier to figure out who didn’t want him dead than who did. Stone gets to the bottom of it—will he survive it? This curiously numbered one-shot was published by Quantum Comics.
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