Essential Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe

    (Marvel, 2005)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

Another of Marvel’s Essential series of black and white reprints, this time of The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. This collects the entire fifteen issues from 1983 through 1985, including the two issues on deceased characters and one issue of weaponry. Biographies and powers of every hero and villain, living and dead, plus various locations and equipment (such as the Baxter Building, Avengers Mansion, and Iron Man’s armor) are set here for all to study and enjoy.

Much has happened to many of Marvel’s characters since the eighties, but this is still a fine reference collection to be cherished by any true believer who never had all of the original set.

— Ron Black

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 Collects Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #1–15Len KaminskiKeith Pollard