Tapping the Vein

    (Eclipse, 1990-1992)
™ and ©1990 Clive Barker

From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide:

It’s arguable that Clive Barker’s short stories are his best work, and these adaptations from Books of Blood are powerful even if you’ve read the originals. They have sympathetic scripts and excellent art throughout from the likes of John Bolton, Tim Conrad, Bo and Scott Hampton and P. Craig Russell. Titan Books published U.K. editions of the first four issues. ~WJ

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9 copies available from $1.95
Foil-embossed logo; ca. 1989Clive Barker, P. Craig Russell, Charles Wagner, Fred BurkeP. Craig Russell, Scott Hampton

#1 - 2nd printing

1 copy available for $4.99
Green Foil-embossed logoClive Barker, P. Craig Russell, Charles Wagner, Fred BurkeJohn Bolton


11 copies available from $1.99
Red Foil-embossed logo; ca. 1989Charles Wagner, Fred Burke, Clive BarkerKlaus Janson, John Bolton


9 copies available from $2.70
Blue Foil-embossed logo; ca. 1990Charles Wagner, Fred Burke, Clive Barker, Bo HamptonDenys Cowan, Michael Davis, Bo Hampton


8 copies available from $5.25
Copper Foil-embossed logo; ca. 1990Fred Burke, Clive BarkerSteven E. Johnson, Alan Okamoto, Jom Pearson, Stan Woch

#4 - 2nd printing

No copies available
Light Blue Foil-embossed logo; ca. 1990Fred Burke, Clive BarkerJohn Bolton


No copies available
ca. 1992Steve Niles, Fred BurkeJohn Bolton

Book #1

No copies available
Published by Checker Book Publishing Group; ca. 2002Clive Barker, Charles Wagner, Fred Burke, Steve NilesBo Hampton, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, Klaus Janson, John Bolton, P. Craig Russell, Scott Hampton, Tim Conrad, Hector Gomez, Stan Woch