Absolute Top Ten

    (DC, 2012)
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In Neopolis’s Precinct 10, where every citizen is blessed with super powers, they are the law: A talking, armored dog. A genetically engineered “perfect woman.” A high-tech cowboy. An indestructible man. A rookie with a toy box full of “helpers.” These are the cops of the Eisner Award-winning series TOP 10. Now, their adventures, written by Alan Moore, are collected in this new, slipcased edition featuring TOP 10 #1-12, SMAX #1-5, a story from AMERICA’S BEST COMICS SPECIAL #1 and the graphic novel TOP 10: THE FORTY-NINERS.

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#1 Hardcover

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 Collects Top 10#1-12, Smax #1-5 and from America’s Best Comics SE 1 and Top 10: The Forty-Niners #1; ca. 2012Alan MooreGene Ha