Jonny Demon

    (Dark Horse, 1994)
©1994 Kurt Busiek and Neil Vokes


That’s all the warning the world got before the apocalypse. Things had been held together for millennia not by physical laws, but by a secret cult of sorcerer-monks. Of course, nobody would believe such a thing, so the world leaders never told anyone. So when one of those monks flubbed a spell that was used to maintain the mystical barriers, “Oops…”was all anyone heard before the demons began rushing in.

Ten years later, humans live in forts while major and minor demons control the world outside. Only a select few dare to make the journey between towns to move supplies or reclaim lost artifacts. Jonny Demon is one of these, a smart-aleck freelancer with guts and knowledge. He’s been called on to ferry a couple of travelers to Nashua. Little does he know that he is going to save the world!

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