A Contract With God (DC)

    (DC, 2000)
™ and ©1978, 1985, 1989, 1995, 1996 Will Eisner

Back in 1978, The Spirit’s own Will Eisner put together four stories and art which were published by Baronet Publishing Company/Kitchen Sink Press…and his first graphic novel has been in print ever since. In March of 2000, DC reprinted this classic collection and it will probably remain in print for years to come.

Mister Eisner’s years of experimenting with light and shadow are explicit in these black-and-white tales of people in the big city. “A Contract With God” tells the tale of Frimme Hersh and his life, and his relationship with God—and without. “The Street Singer” shows how even that which is most beautiful can have a dark lining, but justice is always served fairly. “The Super” tells of a hard man’s life and the one spark of goodness that dwelt in his heart. “Cookalein” finishes off the book with a tale of how people got out of the city every once and a while in the hopes of beating the heat and finding their dreams.

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