The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years

    (DC, 1998)
™ and ©1998 DC Comics

The success of the animated Batman television show on the Warner Brothers network prompted DC to publish comics based on this version of Batman’s universe. Initially there was Batman Adventures, which was replaced by Batman and Robin Adventures. In 1998, a third title, Gotham Adventures, premiered to reflect the changes that were instituted on the show.

Tim Drake, the orphaned son of one of Two Face’s gang, now fills the vacancy left by Dick Grayson, who relinquished his Robin identity in favor of Nightwing. Barbara Gordon, as Batgirl, is privy to Batman’s secrets and has become a full–fledged member of the team that Batman guides as the experienced veteran. But how were all these changes wrought? This five–issue mini–series, The Lost Years, answers those questions as well as tells a powerful coming–of–age story about one of comicdom’s most enduring relationships.

— George Haberberger

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 Fills in time between first and second Batman animated seriesHilary J. BaderBo Hampton


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