(Marvel, 1996)
™ and ©1995 Marvel Characters, Inc.

This one is an oddity—a super-hero comic from Marvel printed in glossy black-and-white. Published in February of 1996 and written by Peter Milligan, Archangel has an alternative comics feel to it, accentuated by Leonardo Manco’s slightly eerie art.

The one-shot title focuses on the former X-Men and X-Factor member Archangel coming to terms with his alien wings. The wings were made for him to replace his old wings, stolen from him by Apocalypse in the pages of X-Factor. The old wings were beautiful, giving him his original nickname of Angel. The new ones are mechanical and weaponlike, a transformation accompanied by Apocalypse having turned Angel’s skin blue. Now known as Archangel, he resents his new form. Then he meets a mysterious woman named Tuesday who is tormented by visions of birds tearing at her. In a strange way, aiding Tuesday may be the key to Archangel’s salvation.

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Wraparound coverOne-shot; B&WPeter MilliganLeonardo Manco