Batman/Predator III

    (DC, 1997-1998)
™ and ©19987 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The oppressive heat of Gotham City’s summer has incited the city’ gangs to relieve their pent-up aggression through drive-by shootings. When one such group encounters a being with murderous skills that far exceed theirs, Batman fears that his city has become the source of sport for the deadly alien hunters he has encountered before in Batman Versus Predator and Batman Versus Predator II: Bloodmatch.

The Predator, spawned from a popular movie series, is the ultimate trophy hunter. This series adds to the scenario a robbery of Gotham Trust masterminded by Mr. Freeze. Freeze’s meticulous plan compensates for the police and even Batman, but when the Predators get involved, Freeze may truly find himself left out in the cold.

— George Haberberger

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