Arsenic Lullaby: Big Stall

    (Arsenic Lullaby, 2013)
™ and © Arsenic Lullaby

(from the publisher)

Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated darker than dark humor. Cthulhu argues with a newspaper editor about how Satan isn’t as cool as him, a magical talking Donut refuses to take part in a comapny comercial. Shrewd writing, bizarre stories and skilled illustration, are the reasons this is known as the king of dark humor.

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  Douglas PaszkiewiczDouglas Paszkiewicz

#1 Variation A

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Convention Edition with blank cover for sketchLimited to 100Douglas PaszkiewiczDouglas Paszkiewicz

#1 Hardcover

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  Douglas PaszkiewiczDouglas Paszkiewicz

Ashcan #1

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 No price; ca. 2012Douglas PaszkiewiczDouglas Paszkiewicz