Aspen Splash: 2013 Swimsuit Spectacular

    (Aspen, 2013)
™ and © Aspen MLT, Inc.

(from the publisher)

Join Aspen as we celebrate ten amazing years of publication by offering this special ASPEN SPLASH 2013 SWIMSUIT SPECTACULAR Anniversary Edition issue featuring a gigantic roster of Aspen’s finest artists from past to present! Including many of the most breathtaking and classic pin-ups over our first ten year span-including founder Michael Turner’s most iconic pieces, as well as a host of new gorgeous pin-ups showcasing tons of fan favorite Aspen characters. Jam-packed from cover to cover with nothing but breathtaking art, this exclusive Anniversary Edition is one swimsuit spectacular that simply cannot be missed!
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#1 Variation A
June, 2013
Cover Price: $3.99
3 copies available from $14.00
 Randy Green, Alex Konat, Vincenzo Cucca, Talent Caldwell, Mike Bowden, Jason Fabok, Lori Hanson, Marcus To, V. Kenneth Marion, Jonathan Marks, Billy Tan, Ryan Odagawa, Nei Ruffino, Scott Clark, Peter Steigerwald, Mike DeBalfo, Joe Benitez, Elizabeth Torque, Jordan Gunderson, Pasquale Qualano, Gabriele Dell’otto, Oliver Nome, Philip Tan, Micah Gunnell, Sana Takeda, Cory Smith, Francesco Herrera, Alé Garza, Francis Manapul, Marc Lorenzana, Siya Oum