The Big Book of Little Criminals

    (Paradox, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Paradox Press, an imprint of DC Comics

Paradox Press’ Big Books series gives readers a tour of the weird side of life (and death!). It was probably inevitable that they would eventually cover the stories of the world’s greatest—and strangest—criminals.

The Big Book of Little Criminals recounts the tales of such legendary felons as Shanghai Kelly, who made his living “recruiting” crews for ships by knocking wayfarers unconscious, selling them in their stupors, and letting them discover they’d begun new careers as sailors when they awoke. This is followed by U.S. Senators caning their colleagues, colonial counterfeiters, Hitler’s diaries, and a crook who nearly succeeded in buying Portugal. All of this, of course, is illustrated by a collection of comics greats, adding up to a criminally delightful book.

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 Anthology; B&W Brent Anderson