Angel Girl Vs. Vampire Girls

    (Angel, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Angel Entertainment, Inc.

As part of his continuing effort to install his son Madimi as ruler of Hell, the demon Uriel has deposed Satan and taken his place as Lord of the Underworld. Madimi’s mother, Michelle, commits suicide so she can find Satan and restore cosmic balance. Because of this, Michelle—who also happens to be Angel Girl—discovers herself bound to Satan.

Michelle and Satan escape from Hell and transport themselves to New York City. Briefly, the Vampire Girls scuffle with Michelle, but when a soulless corpse declares itself as Michelle’s protector, they join up with Michelle in her quest to restore Satan as ruler of Hell.

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 Lloyd ChasseurReynaldo Batista

#1 Nude Edition

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Nude editionLloyd ChasseurReynaldo Batista