(Marvel, 1983-1984)
™ and ©1983 Marvel Entertainment Group

Possessing no real super-powers except the ability to fly through a makeshift set of wings, Sam Wilson is “the Falcon.” First appearing in Captain America #117 he became Cap’s partner. During that time, it was learned that the Falcon had been introduced to Cap as an unwilling pawn of the Red Skull. In the midst of a battle with that villain, the Red Skull used his power over Sam to force him to switch sides. Cap prevailed anyway, and was able to free Sam from the Skull’s control. Sam continued as Captain America’s partner until issue #223.

This mini-series finally gives the Falcon a chance to (ahem!) fly on his own. A then-unknown artist named Paul Smith drew the series, giving it his characteristic flair and attention to detail. (Smith later went on to become one of Marvel’s most renowned artists.)

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  James OwsleyPaul Smith

#1 - 2nd printing

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 Marvel Legends Falcon action figure insertJames OwsleyPaul Smith


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 Versus SentinelJames OwsleyMark D. Bright


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 Origin of Falcon; Versus ElectroJames OwsleyMark D. Bright


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 Versus Electro; Final issueJames OwsleyMark D. Bright