(DC-Dark Horse, 1997)
Batman ™ and ©1996 DC Comics. Aliens™ and ©1996 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

DC and Dark Horse joined forces to bring us this unlikely series, matching up the all–too–human Batman against the nearly unstoppable space terrors known as Aliens.

The story begins as Batman embarks on a mission of mercy to find missing scientist who had been doing research for WayneTech near the Mexico-Guatemala border. As soon as he parachutes down into the crocodile–infested swamps, he encounters a special operations team that had been sent to investigate a downed alien spacecraft that had crashed into an ancient jungle temple. Investigating the wreck, they discover that the alien crew had been overrun by an infestation of parasitic monsters. The monstrous Aliens had also claimed the life of the scientist in the temple ruin, and carried off a member of the Special Ops team.

As they descend into the temple’s darkness, both Batman and the soldiers would learn the true face of horror.

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 Crossover with DCRon MarzBernie Wrightson


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 Crossover with DCRon MarzBernie Wrightson

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 Collects mini-series with material from Dark Horse Presents #101 and 102Ron MarzBernie Wrightson