The Tick Big Red-n-Green Christmas Spectacle

    (NEC, 2001)
™ and ©2001 NEC Press

Here’s yet another special—a real hot pick. Featuring Ben Edlund’s bug do-gooder and his soft, cuddly sidekick…

This time it’s serious folks—don’t get out of joint. It’s Christmas—but all the toys are gone…bought at gunpoint! The shelves are stripped bare by rustlers with care, and they make a clean getaway, ridin’ way out there. Riots soon ensue—frantic parents all in twos, panicking at the though of what their little kids will do—to them, if they so much as dared come home on Christmas Eve with arms all empty and bare.

Then…he drove into town—not the big red called Nick. No, it was the big blue clown—the one called the Tick. He didn’t say much, but the parents somehow knew that he would face off with the dastardly dude who took the toys from their little Bobbys and Sues.

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Black background on coverClay Griffith, Susan GriffithDave Garcia