Creatures of the Night

    (Dark Horse, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Neil Gaiman

This hard-bound volume from Dark Horse Books contains two characteristically Gaiman-esque stories by Neil Gaiman with gorgeous, stunning color illustrations by New England painter Michael Zulli.

“The Price”, features a writer—ostensibly Gaiman himself—who takes in a stray cat, or is it the other way around? The mysterious cat suffers from nightly violence that leaves its body bloody and wounded. The disquietude rises when the writer investigates the shocking cause. In the second story, “The Daughter of Owls”, the strange, sudden arrival of an orphaned baby girl clutching an owl pellet sets the villagers on edge. When she grows up to become a beautiful woman, the local men folk take regrettable action.

In these short, stirring stories, Gaiman and Zulli intertwine human mysteries with the consummately unknowable inner lives of two familiar animals.

— Leland Burrill

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HardcoverNeil GaimanMichael Zulli

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Hardcover, 2nd PrintingNeil GaimanMichael Zulli