Aztec of the City

    (El Salto, 1993)
©1993 Fernando Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez

Tony Avalos worked the high steel as a construction worker in downtown San José, California. Tony considered himself lucky to have found such a great, high-paying job straight out of school. But his luck ran out when a sabotaged aircraft crashed into the building he was working on. Tony was the only one to survive the resulting blast, but even then he was left comatose—barely alive. Modern medicine exhausted itself, so Tony’s parents turned to his great-grandfather Joachin for aid. Joachin, who was 112 years old, used his knowledge of the ancient ways to exchange his life for Tony’s. As a result, Tony rose again as a warrior hero for San José—the Aztec of the City.

This small-press comic was created by San José’s own Fernando and Luis Rodriguez.

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 1st Appearance of Aztec; Origin of AztecFernando RodriguezLuis Rodriguez