Barney Bear Lost and Found

    (Spire, 1979)
™ and ©1979 Spire Christian Comics, published by Fleming H. Revell Company

This publication from Spire Comics, aimed at very young children, uses funny animals in not so-subtle-parables to advocate family values and Christian principles. Writer-artist Al Hartley, who did similar duty on the Archie Date Book title from Spire, has a cover byline and a photo feature on the back cover urging readers to dedicate their lives to Christ.

Comics that proselytize often risk being unsophisticated and blunt, which is certainly the case here. However such shortcomings can be overlooked due to the intended audience. At any rate, the straightforward nature of the writing does not exhibit the brusque and self-righteous attitude of a Chick Tract.

— George Haberberger

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