Batman: Outlaws

    (DC, 2000)
™ and © DC Comics

Writer Doug Moench (Moon Knight) and artist Paul Gulacy (Star Wars: Crimson Empire) are well known for their stellar run on Marvel Comics’ Master of Kung Fu, as well as their occasional collaborations involving DC Comics’ Batman. This three-issue Prestige Format limited series is another jewel in the Moench/Gulacy crown and finds the Caped Crusader and his cadre of agents—Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, the Huntress, Oracle, and even Catwoman—the targets of a federal task force called the Bloodhawks. Under the command of the mysterious David Atlee Redmun, the Bloodhawks have a single mission: ridding Gotham City of the vigilantes who often work hand-in-hand with Police Commissioner James Gordon and his department. As an agent of the Justice Department, Redmun overrides Gordon’s authority, and the Gotham Knights are cut off from the GCPD and on the run. Just how dependent on their relationship with the Gotham City Police Department are Batman and his partners? Can they survive without the law on their side? And is there more to Redmun’s mission that meets the eye? Find out in this excellent Bat-series from two comics industry legends.
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September, 2000
Cover Price: $4.95
10 copies available from $1.00
Doug MoenchPaul Gulacy
October, 2000
Cover Price: $4.95
4 copies available from $4.00
Doug MoenchPaul Gulacy
November, 2000
Cover Price: $4.95
10 copies available from $4.00
Doug MoenchPaul Gulacy