Crime SuspenStories (E.C.)

    (E.C., 1950-1955)
™ and © William M. Gaines, Agent

Crime SuspenStories was EC’s second-generation crime title (the first being War Against Crime and Crime Patrol). This time out, the stories were less concerned with bank robbers and gun molls than they were with ancient curses and ax murderers.

Typical of its stories was “Understudy to a Corpse” wherein a young actor murdered his ailing uncle, then took his place long enough to rewrite his uncle’s will. Before he could benefit from his acting coup, he was poisoned by his uncle’s nurse (the previous beneficiary) who, mistaking him for his uncle, thought the time was right to cash in. Another tale, “Touch and Go,” from issue #17 was an adaptation of a classic Ray Bradbury story. In it, a man murders his boss, then becomes obsessed with wiping away all fingerprints which might mark him as the killer. He is found several hours later by police still obsessively polishing everything in the house from attic to basement.
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