All-New Doop

    (Marvel, 2014)
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Living in the margins, Doop has freaked out X-Men and readers alike. But when he gets deeply involved in X-Men business - and Kitty Pryde's personal life! - Doop will be thrust into the spotlight! Behind the scenes of BATTLE FOR THE ATOM, Doop's unrequited love for Kitty forces him to drag Iceman into Doopspace for some highly unusual questioning. Doop soon discovers the shapeshifting Raze isn't really Kitty Pryde from the future - but Raze has a dark secret that just might stop Doop from telling the other X-Men his true identity! Now, Doop must struggle to halt the craziness corrupting the real world! As Kitty and Doop find themselves in the middle of the scariest moment of their lives with no one to turn to, will Kitty finally accept Doop's proposal of...marriage?

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 Peter MilliganDavid LaFuente

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VariantPeter MilliganDavid Lafuente


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Collecting All-New Doop #1-5Peter MilliganDavid Lafuente