(Vertigo, 2000)
™ and ©2000 DC Comics, Inc.

In this innovative limited series, writer Terry LaBan (The Dreaming) and artist Alex Horley turn the notion of a traditional blood-and-guts Norse saga on its ear, not just by making the main characters women, but by making them funny, savage, quasi-lesbian women. Carving out a unique narrative niche, somewhere between Strangers in Paradise and Conan in a skirt, this 4-issue limited series revolves around the mother-daughter team of Hrotha and Freya, ultra-butch warriors Sigga and Bruna, and the mystical Skold. On one side of the story, LaBan pits the Battleaxes against a bloodthirsty Khan and his Tengut horde; on the other side, we have an extra-dimensional, shape-changing, man-eating slug who first tries to woo one of the women, then decides to destroy them all. When the two collide—and trust us, they collide in a big, messy way—it’s in a battle royal guaranteed to awe even the most battle-hardened sword-and-sorcery devotee.

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