Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron Man

    (Marvel, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Marvel Entertainment Group

Following the events of The Avengers: The Crossing, and Avengers: Timeslide, Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, is dead. And yet, he still lives. Paradox? Maybe. Iron Man had been corrupted by Kang and his cohorts, and he ultimately betrayed his teammates. In his final battle, he nearly killed himself, when he fought a younger version of Tony Stark brought forward through time.

Now young Tony lies near death, and not even the mighty Avengers can help him. If he survives, will he follow in his own footsteps, once again becoming the armored Avenger?

As both friends and foes gather to await Tony’s fate, a series of flashbacks recall the life of the fallen Iron Man, and the events that eventually led to his younger self’s current predicament. Only time will tell if Iron Man is really dead, or if he’ll be reborn to redeem the honor of the fallen hero.

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 Origin of Happy Hogan; Origin of Iron Man; Origin of Pepper PottsTerry KavanaghAl Rio, Hector Collazo