The Couriers

    (AiT/Planet Lar, 2002-2005)
™ and © AiT/Planet Lar

Moustafa and Special reign supreme in New York City’s underworld as couriers par excellence in this ongoing saga from former Rockstar Games designer Brian Wood (Channel Zero) and indie comics artist Rob G. (Teenagers From Mars). Volume 03 presents the couriers’ origin story in a John Woo flavored action thriller.

Fifteen–year–old Special, a lean, lethal gamine, works security for the Lower East Side’s most notorious criminal boss: a shirtless, tattooed Chinese skinhead named Johnny Funwrecker. Moustafa, a twelve–year–old dime–bag dealing wannabe, elicits much skepticism when he shows up at Funwrecker’s compound to apply for a job. Funwrecker assigns Special to mentor Moustafa, and so it begins.

The preternatural hellion puts the pathetic Moustafa through her accelerated training program which he barely survives. After Special is satisfied with Moustafa’s progress, she initiates him into the underworld by shaving his head and giving him guns. Special then enlists Moustafa in a project designed to bring Funwrecker down and take over his operations. Bloody mayhem ensues on the streets of Manhattan as the ruthless crime lord seeks vengeance against the ungrateful teenage double–crossers.

— Leland Burrill
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