Following Cerebus

    (Win-Mill, 2004-2007, 2011)
™ and © Win-Mill

Not so much a comic as a fanzine devoted to Dave Sim’s anthropomorphic aardvark. Sim’s record–setting 300–issue stint writing and drawing (with background and inking assists from Gerhard) will probably remain unbroken for the rest of the 21st century, but even if it doesn’t, it will keep its loyal fanbase. Following Cerebus picks up the tasking of further exploring and explaining the symbolism in Sim’s magnum opus, backed up on the many more personal and esoteric levels by interviews with the creators themselves. Critical reviews, analyses and cartoons fill out the rest of the title, with decades’ worth of material to cover, making it a long–distance race between content and audience. But it’s a test of ground, not endurance, for the Cerebus believer.

— Brendan McGinley

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 B&WCraig Miller, Shannon WheelerDave Sim, Shannon Wheeler


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 B&WCraig MillerDave Sim, Gerhard


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Fold-Out Cover Craig Miller, Joe Bob Briggs, Harlan Ellison, Mark Finn, Lee Sandlin, John ThorneDave Sim, Will Eisner


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 B&WCraig MillerDave Sim


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 Interviews with Chester Brown, Craig Thompson, Paul Pope, Frank Miller, Joe Matt, Andy Runton, Seth, Neil GaimanCraig MillerDave Sim, Gerhard


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  Craig Miller, John ThorneDave Sim, Gerhard


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 TV IssueCraig Miller, John Thorne, J. Michael Straczynski, Dave Sim, Lee Sandlin, Bryan DouglasDave Sim, Gerhard, Bryan Douglas


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Flip CoversB&WCraig Miller, John Thorne, Roberta Gregory, Dave Sim, Chester Brown, Seth, Joe Matt, Bryan DouglasDave Sim, Gerhard, Roberta Gregory, Chester Brown, Seth, Joe Matt, Harold R. Foster, Bryan Douglas


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 Giant-sizeCraig Miller, John ThorneDave Sim, Gerhard


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Wraparound coverB&WCraig Miller, Dave Sim, Bryan Douglas, Barry Windsor-SmithDave Sim, Gerhard, Barry Windsor-Smith, Bryan Douglas


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 B&WCraig Miller, Dave SimDave Sim, Gerhard


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  Craig Miller, Dave Sim, David PetersenCraig Miller, Dave Sim, David Petersen