The Factor

    (About, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Nat Gertler

The media has dubbed New York’s latest super-hero “the Factor.” He’s saving lives right and left and interfering with all sorts of illegal operations, but we don’t really see him in this sharply written series from writer Nat Gertler and artists Jim Schumaker, Joe Staton (All-Star Comics, Legion of Super-Heroes, The Huntress), Alex Grecian, and Mike Vosburg (The Savage She-Hulk, Starfire). This series focuses on the effects of a super-hero on the lives of ordinary people—cops, kids, criminals, etc.—a premise not unlike DC’s pair of Gotham Nights mini-series. Would cops suddenly feel inadequate in the shadow of a hero the public perceives as something more than human? Would kids become more violent? Would criminals beef up their efforts? Here, the super-hero is “the factor” that alters lives and destinies by simply doing what he thinks is right.

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 Continues from Negative Burn; B&W; ca. 1998 Adam Rex, Janine Johnston, Alex Grecian


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 B&WNat GertlerAlex Grecian, Jim Schumaker, Joe Staton


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 B&WNat GertlerMatt Feazell, Tom Luth, Carla Speed McNeil, Rich Johnston, Carlos Saldaña, Paul Whitehead, Jeff Koenig


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  Nat GertlerTed Slampyak, Mark Lewis, Jim Schumaker


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  Nat GertlerJustine Shaw, Rich Johnston, Rusty Haller, Jim Wheelock, Jason Whitley