Brand New York

    (Comic Box, 1997)
™ and © 1997 Z-A-C

In the future, after technological advances have created the perfect utopia, there’s a downside: the Brand New York police are bored. That’s all about to change thanks to geneticist Frank Einstein, who intends to make crime a growth industry again with his new, morally bereft creations. Twenty years later, his project is a rousing success, as Brand New York has mutated into the most dangerous, scum-infested city on the planet. No one is safe, the Grim Reaper has fled for Deathroit, and the cops are overwhelmed with violence and death. Which is okay; it just means that they have to become more violent and corrupt. And so they do.

The subhead calls this “the meanest comic book ever,” and it just might be. Fortunately, dark humor breaks up the violence every so often. Published by Comic Box Inc. in black-and-white save for red spatters of blood on clubs and headless bodies.

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Cardstock coverAdult; B&w and redPeter Avanti, ZoltanZoltan


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 AdultPeter AvantiZoltan