(Aztec, 1991)
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This black-and-white anthology packs a number of stories between its covers. Enter the world of Apex and you may find the roughly mannered Dirty Dwarf or the beautiful heroine Zena as your travelling companions. In the world of Dimensions, an evil order of Rosicrucians is making moves to conquer the world, the military has declared martial law, and only the actions of a small group of young people may save the day. Finally, in the no-less-mundane world of Earth, there are the cosmic adventures of Captain Beyond, a classically styled super-hero granted his powers by his holographic mentor, the lovely Tia.

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 B&WJason Wiebe, John Austin, Mike Lane, Patrick Blaine, Robb PhippsJason Wiebe, John Austin, John Waite, Mike Lane, Patrick Blaine, Robb Phipps, Tom Hall


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