The Bakers

    (Kyle Baker, 2005)
™ and © Kyle Baker Publishing

Married life is wonderful. Married life with children is wonderful and, shall we say, interesting. Kyle Baker has put his pen to paper and given us a collection of stories showing the high points and funny moments of family life. Specifically, Mom, three kids, and the down trodden Dad share baby’s first steps and the joys of taking the kids shopping by yourself.

Kyle Baker has enhanced every project he’s worked on, including Why I Hate Saturn and Marvel’s Captain America classic mini-series Truth.

— Ron Black

From the Comics Buyer’s Guide:

From Why I Hate Saturn to Plastic Man to Nat Turner, Kyle Baker’s comic-book credentials are solid and display a range of diversity few cartoonists could ever hope to obtain. The Bakers, his most accessible project to date, is a charming, slice-of-life endeavor that feels at least partly autobiographical, despite the fact that the indicia says the “stories, characters and incidents mentioned in this magazine are entirely fictional.”

The issue is divided into seven scenarios (only two or three are substantial enough to really call stories) revolving around the misadventures of an amiable young couple with three children, one of which is just learning to walk. Dialogue is sparse, which can be a death knell for graphic storytelling (check out Marvel’s ’Nuff Said debacle of 2002), but Baker’s delightful art and insightful wit are up to the task, practically forcing readers to share in the cute characters’ humble victories and humbling defeats.

This is the type of project that comic-book fans can share with friends and family of all ages.

— Brett Weiss

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