X-Men: The Ultra Collection

    (Marvel, 1994-1995)
™ and © 1995 Marvel Characters, Inc.

X-Men: The Ultra Collection is a five-issue series of painted illustrations of popular X-Men characters by a number of more or less talented artists, including Dave DeVries, Dave Dorman, Val Mayrick, Jim Steranko, John Romita, Sr. and Bill Sienkiewicz. Pretty to look at but utterly insubstantial, X-Men: The Ultra Collection was likely inspired by the desire to cash in on the then-current popularity of the groundbreaking Marvels series, beautifully painted by Alex Ross (and, significantly, just as beautifully written by Kurt Busiek). If Marvel had had any integrity remaining by 1994, the appearance of a “series” like the X-Men Ultra Collection may have seemed to some as something of a disappointment. However, the title was by no means a low for the industry or the company at that point, the artwork is strong, even if better suited to trading cards or posters, and the package is attractive and well-produced.

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19 copies available from $1.75
Pin-ups; Wraparound cover Dave DeVries, Dave Dorman, John Estes, Glenn Fabry, Dan Brereton, Bill Hall, Julie Bell, Brian Stelfreeze, Earl Norem, Terry Britt, Kent Williams, Lou Harrison, Val Mayerik, Christopher Moeller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Tristan Schane, Jim Steranko, Scott Hampton, John Romita, Bo Hampton, Ray Lago, Bob Larkin


15 copies available from $0.35
Pin-ups; Wraparound cover Joe Phillips, Dan Lawlis, Brian Stelfreeze, Gary Ciccarelli, Tristan Schane, Bo Hampton, Christopher Moeller, Peter Bollinger, Dan Brereton, Earl Norem, Scott Hampton, Mark Chiarello, John Van Fleet, Peter Scanlan, Ezra Tucker, Julie Bell, Marc Sasso, Shawn McKelvey, Bob Larkin


4 copies available from $1.10
Pin-ups; Wraparound cover Bill Sienkiewicz, Bo Hampton, Bob Larkin, Brian Stelfreeze, Christopher Moeller, Dan Brereton, David Braun, Earl Norem, Ezra Tucker, Frank Cirocco, Frank Spinks, Glenn Barr, Joe Phillips, John Estes, John Van Fleet, Julie Bell, Kent Williams, Ray Lago, Val Mayerik, Mark Chiarello, Tom Palmer, Tristan Schane, Lou Harrison


5 copies available from $2.50
Pin-ups; Wraparound cover Bill Sienkiewicz, Bob Larkin, Brian Stelfreeze, Catherine Huerta, Christopher Moeller, Frank Cirocco, Glenn Barr, Glenn Fabry, Jim Sullivan, Joe Phillips, Julie Bell, Lou Harrison, Marc Sasso, Mike Zeck, Phil Zimelman, Ray Lago, Scott Hampton, Tom Palmer, Val Mayerik


No copies available
Pin-ups; Includes poster