Savage Sword (Robert E. Howard’s…)

    (Dark Horse, 2010-Present)

(from the publisher)

Continuing our tradition of bringing Robert E. Howard’s incomparable characters to life, Dark Horse is proud to present the inaugural issue of Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword!

Each eighty-page, perfect-bound issue will showcase the exploits of Howard’s heroes in new comic adventures and restored reprints of classic tales, and include a wide range of bonus material too! Some of these characters have never before appeared in comics-you’ll see them here first, folks! Featuring the work of industry legends and today’s top talent and hottest rising stars, this is a can’t-miss series for fans of action-packed adventure comics!

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1 copy available for $9.00
 Paul Tobin, Scott Allie, Mark Finn, Marc Andreyko, Roy ThomasWellington Alves, Ben Dewey, Tim Bradstreet, Robert Q. Atkins, Barry Windsor-Smith, Tim Conrad


5 copies available from $6.20
 Mark Finn, Marc Andreyko, Joe Casey, Robert E. Howard, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Paul TobinGreg Scott, Robert Q. Atkins, Pop Mhan, Tim Seeley, Gil Kane, Wellington Alves


6 copies available from $5.15
 Paul Tobin, Jeremy Barlow, David Lapham, Joshua Williamson, Allan ZelenetzWellington Alves, Tony Parker, Fabio Cobiaco, Patric Reynolds, Tony Dezuniga


2 copies available from $11.99
 David Lapham, Jeremy Barlow, Pete Doree, David Land, Alan ZelenetzFabio Cobiaco, Tony Parker, Sean Phillips, M.S. Corley, Tony Dezuniga


2 copies available from $7.99
 Howard Chaykin, Ian Edginton, Steve Niles, Paul Tobin, Roy ThomasHoward Chaykin, Richard Pace, Chris Mitten, Francesco Francavilla, David Wenzel


3 copies available from $8.20
 John Jackson Miller, Paul Tobin, Ian Edginton, Roy ThomasPhilip Tan, Aaron McConnell, Richard Pace, Tony DeZuniga, Ernie Chan


2 copies available from $28.00
 Paul Tobin, Gary Chaloner, Ian Edginton, Jai Nitz, Roy ThomasAaron McConnell, Gary Chaloner, Richard Pace, Kevin Maguire, John Buscema


2 copies available from $7.00
 Dan Jolley, John Arcudi, Paul Tobin, Gary Chaloner, Roy ThomasJohn Nadeau, Franck Biancarelli, Alberto Alburquerque, Gary Chaloner, John Buscema, Alfredo P. Alcala


3 copies available from $10.00
 Jim Mitchell, Arie Kaplan, Paul Tobin, Gary Chaloner, Roy ThomasFreddie E. Williams II, Douglas Franchin, Alberto Alburquerque, Gary Chaloner, John Buscema


No copies available
 John Ostrander, Alex De Campi, Ron Marz, Doug MoenchAndy Kuhn, Marc Laming, Rich Clark, John Bolton

Book #1

2 copies available from $18.00
Collects Savage Sword #1-4Paul TobinWellington Alves

Book #2

2 copies available from $16.00
Collects Savage Sword (Robert E. Howard’s…) #5-8Paul TobinWellington Alves